Compra de bombas de agua
18 Nov

Buying instructions for water pumps

Water pumps are used to transport large quantities of water from one place to another. However, these pumps are also useful for a variety of household, industrial or agricultural applications. For example, a water pump is ideal for: Drainage of water from a flooded cellar. Drainage and filling of a... Read more →

Bomba de agua para piscina
18 Nov

Choosing the best pool water pump

Summer is approaching, and therfore we will begin to prepare our pools. But are you sure you have the right pool pump? In this article, we will help you choose the best option for your pool and find out what features you need, and what you should pay particular attention... Read more →

Bomba recirculadora para calefacción
18 Nov

How a recirculating pump for heating works

A circulation pump for the heating is responsible for pumping the hot water in the entire house circuit. The heating circuit is a closed circuit which itself does not have sufficient power to circulate hot water. For this reason, all boilers contain a circulation pump, but an additional pump may... Read more →

elegir bomba de agua
18 Nov

How to choose the right water pump

When do we need a water pump? Usually a water pump is needed for agriculture, construction, fishing or other areas, but it is also suitable for domestic use: Drainage and filling of your pool, pond or whirlpo Water drainage for meteorological phenomena such as floods Drainage of shallow floodplains Lawn... Read more →