Bombeo Solar Grundfos
18 Nov

Grundfos solar pump, sustainable pump solutions

Having running water in hard-to-reach places or in places where electricity is scarce can be a very complicated task. However, solar pump technology has developed into a reliable and sustainable solution to this problem. A Grundfos solar pump supplies water in an environmentally friendly way and with very low investment... Read more →

Bombas sumergibles
18 Nov

How submersible pumps work

Submersible pumps, as their name suggests, are pumps that work completely immersed in a liquid. The motor, which is coupled inside the pump body, is hermetically sealed so that no water can penetrate it. The submersible pump is placed in the liquid, usually water, and then presses it to the... Read more →

Bomba de Agua de Diafragma
18 Nov

How a membrane water pump works

A diaphragm water pump works follows the same principles as the engine cylinders of a vehicle. Inside the pump there is a diaphragm made of a rubber or plastic material. As the diaphragm bends, the pressure inside the pump decreases, attracting the fluid. Depending on the water pump, the diaphragm... Read more →