Its electromechanical design allows the same unit to control pumps up to 18A (ZERO Plus) and 12A (ZERO Press). Thanks to its great versatility, it can be used in wells with the control of level probes and pressure and rebombos devices.



  • Reliability: Electronic overload and underload relay, protection against phase failure, adjustable reset time…..
  • Versatility: Two unique models, up to 18 A (ZERO Plus) and 12 A (Zero Press). Various level control modes, including probes or external input control.
  • Safety: All controls (pressure switch, buoy, etc.) in low voltage and disconnected from the mains.
  • Easy maintenance: Allows the pump to be started/stopped without the control module (manual operation).
  • Pluggable control module: With a simple and intuitive setting and signalling system, it is equipped with an electronic consumption detection system that is not related to changes in ambient temperature.
  • Comfort: The large free space allows greater mobility during installation.