The pumps of the CU series are available in different dimensions. They have excellent suction performance and high pressure over the entire flow range, with power consumption that further increases their efficiency.

These pumps are essential in modern irrigation systems.

The CMS versions are suitable for self-propelled machines, for supplying irrigation systems at long distances and with a large radius of action, for overcoming large ground unevenness and for operating frost protection systems.


Se conectan al tractor fijándolas al trípode del elevador hidráulico o sobre un carro, utilizando para el acoplamiento un árbol cardan conectado a la toma de fuerza normalizada de 540 o 1000 RPM.



  • Cast iron impeller, diffuser, pump body and warhead G26.
  • Cemented steel pump shaft with a hardened chrome bath in the cable gland area.
  • Specific bearings located in the gearbox of the multiplier, consisting of two cemented steel gears with high precision helical gears.
  • Oil lubrication with level indicator.
  • Water cooling system that keeps the multiplier at the optimum operating temperature.
  • Max. Flow rate: 540 m3/h
  • Max. Lifting height: 170 m
  • Not suitable for chemically aggressive water.
  • Max. Temperature: 80o C
  • Maximum water hardness: 40 p.p.p.m.