The VLT Softstarter MCD 500 is a complete solution for engine starting. The current transformers measure the motor current and provide feedback for the controlled motor ramp profiles, with AAC (Adaptive Acceleration Control) automatically using the most suitable start and stop profile for each application.



  • AAC: Adaptive acceleration control.
  • Adjustable busbars: Top and bottom entry possible (360-1600a, 160-850 Kw).
  • DC injection braking evenly distributed in three phases.
  • Internal triangle (6-wire connection).
  • Log menus: 99 different types of events and alarm logs.
  • Automatic restart.
  • Fixed speed (low speed operation).
  • Second order thermal model: Allows optimum use of motors without overload damage.
  • Internal bypass contactors (21-215 A, 7.5-110 Kw).
  • Automatic start/stop timer.
  • Compact size: one of the smallest in its class.
  • 4-line graphic display.
  • Various configuration options and languages.
  • Power range: 21-1600 A, 7.5-850 Kw.
  • For smaller services, please contact our technical and commercial department.



  • Control and safety system against overintensity.
  • Protection system against dry running of the electric pump due to lack of water.
  • Abnormal supply voltage.
  • Short-circuit.