Submersible pump with reduced dimensions for installation in wells from 4″ upwards. With a 12 and 24 Vdc motor, it can be powered by batteries or directly to a photovoltaic module designed to pump clean water for irrigation or tank filling. Suitable for pumping up to 70 metres of manometric height. Maximum immersion depth of 30 metres.



  • 12V operation with a 75 Wp photovoltaic module and 24V with 200 Wp. However, they can be installed with higher power.
  • The use of one of the two optimisers is recommended to improve the pump performance.
  • Quick connection. No splicing required.
  • Solid, lightweight construction.
  • Corrosion resistant frame with stainless steel closures.
  • Dry-running capability without damage to pump components.
  • Internal bypass for protection when the valve is closed.
  • 12/24 Vdc operation.
  • High-tech solid diaphragm.
  • Output via toothed plug from 1⁄2″


  • LCB-G0Only 24 V operation. Provides basic protection and stop by buoy in the deposit.
  • LCB-G75operation at 12 or 24 V. Includes protection by well probes (supplied with 30 meters of cable) and stop by buoy in the deposit.