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18 Nov

What to consider when buying a water pump

What to consider when buying a water pump
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When you buy a water pump, you should not only concentrate on the flow rate or the performance of the pump. The ability of a pump to support the loads is exposed to depends primarily on the conctruction and the components it contains.

For many consumers, it is very difficult to see the quality of a water pump at a glance. In fact, there are some manufacturers of dubious quality who deal with the counterfeiting of water pumps. There are some where even experts cannot tell the difference from the original at first glance.

Therefore, there are some things we should check when buying a water pump, especially if we are not experts.

If you have the EC seal of approval

The first recommendation is to take a close look at the nameplate. All pumps marketed in the EU must have a nameplate.

This plate indicates information on the following five points as a minimum requirement:

  • manufacturer
  • pump type
  • serial number.
  • Year of construction.
  • CE mark.

Specifying incorrect information is not a minor error. If there is no CE logo, the water pump is not approved. And this makes other data, such as electrical properties, unreliable.

Electrical components are of course an important point. Renowned manufacturers only use certified and therefore safe cables. However, when we buy a product of dubious origin, its components are not verified.

When purchasing a water pump, you should therefore first check whether it bears the CE mark.

Similar components, but of inferior quality.

Renowned manufacturers guarantee that their products are absolutely safe. The use of components of the highest quality is a mandatory requirement. For example, the Anscgluesse are hermetically sealed to avoid short circuits due to the moisture they are exposed to.

Leading manufacturers choose quality products even for the smallest and most hidden components. For example, in the case of slip ring seals on the pump shaft, which are absolutely essential for their function.

However, when we buy a pump of doubtful origin, it is not surprising that we find falsifications of these components which are of very inferior quality.

The risks associated with these counterfeits are very high, ranging from pump malfunctions to short circuits in the network.

Renowned brands offer security

The leading brands on the market offer the security of having first-class components in all their products. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase products from well-known brands and official distributors.

Users should only buy products from specialists and make sure that the machine is best suited to their needs. There are also secondary factors that are very important, such as shipping areas, ease of repair and distribution network.

The most important thing to check when buying a water pump is to use a reputable supplier who guarantees a good after-sales service, in order to avoid unpleasant problems with the installation.


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