A range of gear pumps are compact assemblies consisting of a cast iron casing containing a set of rotary gearboxes. When the drive shaft is driven, the pump delivers a flow and pressure that is directly proportional to the output and applied speeds. Suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in systems requiring low speed rotation: for the coolant circuit in engines, gassing work, lubrication and cooling work in machine tools or pumping viscous fluids such as paints and varnishes, syrups, soaps, asphalts etc….



  • Housing: cast iron | bronze (on request)
  • Gears: Foundry | Bronze (On request)
  • Shaft: Hardened steel | Stainless steel. Aisi-420/304 (on request)
  • Max. Liquid temperature [ºC]: 150 | 250 (on request)
  • Max. Suction power[m]: 8