Centrifugal pumps for pumping corrosive liquids. With a monoblock design, supported by the motor feet, the pump is compact and of reduced dimensions, equipped with a semi-open impeller fixed to a short false shaft covered with a ceramic sleeve. A cap nut secures the bush and the impeller to the shaft. The hydraulic seal between the pump body and the ceramic bushing is provided by a sleeve. No metal part is in contact with the fluid.

Bomba de agua centrífuga en polipropileno


  • Pump housing: cast aluminium.
  • Roll holder made of anodised aluminium. Oversized shafts and bearings.
  • Hose: N (Norprene), NA (Food Norprene), TY (Tygon) or PH (Pharmed).
  • Absence of valves and mechanical seals.
  • Standard voltage: 1x230V 3x230V/400V
  • Max. Flow rate [l/h]: 462
  • Max. Pressure [bar]: 1.4
  • Ta max. liquid[oC]: 60
  • Max. Suction power[m]: 8 (tube >= 12.7 mm) / 6 (tube 15.9 mm)
  • Possibility of dry working and reversing the direction of rotation