Electric pumps specially designed to transport a wide range of liquids, without foaming or emulsifying the product, as well as to empty or convey practically any liquid, thanks to their Aisi-304 or Aisi-316 stainless steel construction, the wide range of materials available for the impeller and their ease of disassembly and cleaning, they are ideal for working with thick liquids, high-density, with particles in suspension, corrosive agents, acids and alkalis such as oils, dyes, detergents, creams, adhesives, etc….

Bomba de dosificación y trasvase autoaspirante


  • Pump housing: stainless steel. Aisi-304 or Aisi-316
  • Impeller:
    Neoprene: General applications, clean and dirty water. Seawater, fats and oils, various acids, harmful liquids, etc.
    EPDM (neutral): Clean and dirty water, slightly acidic or non-aggressive base fluids.
    Silicone: Food like wine must, wine, vinegar, milk, beer, juices, edible oils, etc. The silicone impeller is certified for food. For a longer life it is recommended to use it with a motor with speeds below 1400 rpm.
  • Mechanical seal: ceramic-carbon NBR, on request also in other materials, depending on the liquid to be pumped.
  • Three versions:
    With carrying handle
    With transport trolley, switch cabinet and 5 meter cable
    For permanent installation
  • Standard voltage: 1x230V-50Hz 3x230V/400V/400V
  • Pumps in both directions of rotation
  • Max. Suction power[m]: 4-5 meters
  • Easy disassembly for quick maintenance