Electric shredder pumps, suitable for conveying construction and industrial waste. Designed for charged water, groundwater, zootechnical water, chemically compatible with the materials used in the manufacture of the electric pump.



  • Pump housing: Cast iron EN GJL 200.
  • Motor housing: Cast iron EN GJL 200.
  • Support and underframe: EN GJL 200 Cast iron.
  • Impeller: EN GJL 200 Cast iron.
  • Rotor shaft: stainless steel. Aisi-420
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Mechanical seal: RT-RTL: Ceramic / Carbon FTR: Bracket
  • Mechanical seal impeller: RT-RTL: Ceramic / Carbon FTR: Silicon/Silicon
  • Pitch of solids: 5 mm
  • Ta max. liquid[oC]: +40
  • Cable[m]: RT-RTL: 10 FTR: 5