In these cases there is no separation between air and water in the tanks. The energy stored in the storage tank in the form of compressed air pushes the water into the consumer network. When the minimum pressure value is reached, the pump starts and creates a recess that releases the injector, which takes the air from the outside and until the set maximum pressure value is reached. At this moment we have the boiler with the maximum amount of water and the pump stops.

As the water consumption increases, the air remaining in the injector chamber is gradually supplied to the inside of the tank by the negative pressure created inside the tank when the water level is lowered, until the pressure between the suction and driving forces has stabilized.



  • Its task is to reduce the overpressure and underpressure waves that propagate through the pipes to permissible values.
  • Replaceable membrane, suitable for drinking water or waste water (except V-160).
  • Water connection with flange or thread depending on model
  • Temperature [ºC]: -10 / +100
  • Red epoxy paint. (except V-160 in stainless steel Aisi-304)
  • Air preload: depending on model
  • CE-certified according to Directive 97/23/EC