The T-ONE is an exclusive, compact, electronic pressure maintenance system from SAER. This innovative technology is the result of using an electric submersible pump in a stainless steel tank which, controlled by electronic devices, can maintain a constant pressure independent of the flow requirement and can be installed in battery groups. The device is multifunctional and the frequency converters have a Bluetooth communication system that ensures continuity of operation while saving energy – its compact design for in-line installation eliminates the need for floor mounting. The T-ONE is equipped with a frequency converter that keeps the pressure constant and allows a modular installation in multi-pump systems – Energy saving through automatic control – Its modular design allows up to 8 units to be equipped without additional cabling through Bluetooth communication – The module works with highly efficient pumpsNS96 at a quiet 60 dB.



  • Liquid: Chemically and mechanically non-aggressive.
  • Max. Flow rate [m3/h]: 19
  • Max. Height[m]: 53
  • Max. Operating pressure[bar]: 10
  • Liquid [ºC]: -15/+35
  • Max. Ambient temperature[ºC]: +50%.
  • Max. Volume[dB]: 60