Due to their high performance and extremely quiet operation, the vertical multi-cell electric pumps of the MES series are particularly suitable for use in pressure maintenance and fire extinguishers for civil and industrial applications.

Specially developed for working with modern control systems such as frequency converters.


Asp/pulse body: cast iron GG20
Flanges / foreign bodies: cast iron GG20
Diffuser: Inox-304
Impeller: Inox-304
Wave: Inox-304
Mechanical seal: Graphite/Inox-304
Motor protection: IP 55
Insulation: F
Standard voltage: 1x230V-50Hz | 3x 230V/400V/400V
Max. Flow rate [m 3 /h]: 21
Max. Height[m]: 133
Liquid [ºC]: 45
Maximum ambient temperature [ºC]: 40