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Bombeo Solar Grundfos

Having running water in hard-to-reach places or in places where electricity is scarce can be a very complicated task. However, solar pump technology has developed into a reliable and sustainable solution to this problem. A Grundfos solar pump supplies water in an environmentally friendly way and with very low investment costs.

A solar-powered pump is a pump powered by electricity from photovoltaic modules, which is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water pumps powered by fuels such as diesel.

The operation of solar energy pumps is more economical and environmentally friendly than pumps with combustion engines, mainly due to lower operating and maintenance costs.

Bomba solar Grundfos

Sqflex GrundfosGrundfos is one of the brands with the strongest commitment to renewable energy and has therefore developed the Sqflex product range. Grundfos Sqflex is a range of water pumps that use solar energy to supply water.

In addition, the grundfos solar pump set allows excess energy to be stored in batteries to make better use of all solar energy and avoid periods when the system is maintenance-free.

A Grundfos solar pump can be the ideal solution for crop irrigation, pasture irrigation for livestock, water supply to rural households or without a water connection, or water supply to developing communities.

Aiguapres, official distributor of Grundfos solar pumps

If you are interested in solar pumps, we recommend you to visit Aiguapres Grundfos Sqflex, because we are their official distributor in Spain. These water pumps are equipped with a permanent magnet motor that enables the efficient use of energy from natural sources.

Thanks to a Grundfos solar pump, water can easily be supplied to areas where access to this precious natural resource was very difficult.

Bomba solar Grundfos

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