Maintenance of the garden water pump during autumn and winter

Mantenimiento bomba de riego jard铆n

After a long, hot and very dry summer, the time has come to save the garden water pump. Generally it is not necessary to water the garden during the fall and winter seasons; since it usually stays in perfect condition with rain and snow.

The garden water pump serves to take the water to the sprinklers or the irrigation system we use, and which is more necessary during the summer and spring; since they are usually warmer seasons and in which the plants need a greater contribution of water.

Before storing it, you must ensure that the water pump is as dry as possible. This means that it must contain the least amount of water possible, preferably none.

Take note of some tricks for maintenance and storage!

Garden water pump storage

First, it is good to store the pump in a place where it cannot be affected by frost and low temperatures. Look for a storage area where the temperature is never less than 0 degrees Celsius.

Any remaining water left in the pump could turn into ice, which expands its volume and could burst the pump components. Even the strongest pump generally cannot withstand that kind of pressure.

Protect it against the ice

Ice formation is one of the biggest enemies of water pumps. As mentioned earlier, we recommend storing the pump and suction hose and other components in a dry and frost-free place.

Of course, you should make sure that the suction and hose do not bend when you roll them. Otherwise, they can weaken at those points and cause leaks and even breakage.

People sometimes ask us if the pump should be filled with antifreeze during storage. Antifreeze should not be used. Antifreeze, and in particular the active glycol component, could damage the pump.

Start-up the following year

Before starting the pump again when necessary, you must first check the hose and pump thoroughly for possible damage.

It is also recommended to apply a new piece of Teflon tape to all connections, otherwise the pump could suck air, which would have a negative effect on its performance.

If you follow these basic maintenance tips, the pump should work in perfect condition for many years.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your water pumps or need new parts or equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us. In Aiguapres we are experts in water pumps, with more than 35 years of experience.

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