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18 Nov

How submersible pumps work

How submersible pumps work
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Submersible pumps, as their name suggests, are pumps that work completely immersed in a liquid. The motor, which is coupled inside the pump body, is hermetically sealed so that no water can penetrate it.

The submersible pump is placed in the liquid, usually water, and then presses it to the surface. The submersible pump motor converts the kinetic energy into centrifugal energy and finally into pressure energy, which lifts the water out of the well.

As these pump types are very deep dipping and very easy to install, they can be used to drain ponds or pump water from deep wells.

Submersible pump operation

Submersible pumps are inserted into the liquid to be pumped so that they never have to be sucked in, as they are already immersed in the liquid. This is one of their great advantages.

Another great advantage of submersible water pumps is that the pressure of the liquid itself pushes it directly into the pump, so a lot of energy can be saved.

The main characteristic of submersible pumps is that all their components are submerged in some liquid. They are covered by a sealed body that prevents corrosion and oxidation of the internal components.

Different types of submersible pumps

There is a wide range of submersible pumps that can be perfectly adapted to pump different types of liquids, with or without solids and at different depths. Therefore, the most important thing when choosing a submersible pump is to know what type of installation it will be used for.

Single-stage submersible pumps are often used in domestic installations such as aquarium filters, sewage pumping or drainage.

On the other hand, we have multi-stage submersible pumps that are ideal for pumping underground liquids such as wells or oil fields. This type of pump can handle drinking water as well as heavier liquids such as sewage or corrosive liquids.

It is very important not to use this type of pump outside the fluid; the motor may overheat. Submersible pumps are specially designed to always work under water.

The only drawback we notice with this type of pump is that over time corrosion can occur in the elements that clog the engine. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the pump and all its components correctly.

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