What type of water pump do you need to water your garden?

Bomba de agua para regar el jardín

With the beginning of spring comes the time when the sun shines more and there is less rain. In spring and summer, grass and garden plants need a lot of water and simple irrigation from time to time is not enough to maintain them. That’s why we tell you today what kind of water pump you need to water your garden sufficiently.

The decision to buy a sprinkler system is basically very simple, but the question is how exactly does the water get to this sprinkler system? First of all, you need a water pump. However, the type of pump, its performance and pressure will depend on your situation.


What kind of water pump do you need to water your garden?

To water your garden, you can choose from three different types of pumps: Irrigation pumps, well pump or motor.

The first question is very simple: Is there a power source nearby? Although electricity should usually be easily available, this is not always the case (e.g. when working on fields). If no electricity is available, the only suitable pump is the motor pump, which runs on fuel.

La segunda pregunta: ¿Cuál es la profundidad máxima del agua que deseas bombear? Las bombas autoaspirantes (como una bomba de irrigación o de refuerzo) se colocan en ubicaciones “secas”. En otras palabras, nunca se ponen en el agua. Estas bombas son adecuadas para aspirar agua hasta profundidades de 9 metros. ¿El agua está entre 0 y 9 metros de profundidad? Entonces te recomendamos una bomba autoaspirante.

If the water depth exceeds 9 meters, the only option is a submersible well pump. Well pumps are submerged in water and can suck water to a depth of several tens of meters.

The third question that arises is: Which devices are connected to the pump? In other words, how many sprinklers will you connect to the pump? This is important for determining the capacity and pressure of the pump. Normally, each pump lists how many sprinklers can be connected.

The fourth question is: What is the source of your water? The water you will pump should always enter the pump without suspended matter. Suspended matter (e.g. sand, gravel, etc.) can cause serious damage to the pumps and should therefore always be kept away.

In almost every case the water contains suspended particles. However, we can solve this problem of solids by eliminating them with a pre-filter using a system similar to that used in swimming pools.

Finally, how long do you want the pump to run? Not all pumps are suitable for long operating times. Continuous operation” refers to situations where a pump has to run for more than 3 hours.

These are the most important questions you should ask yourself before deciding what type of water pump you need to water your garden. If you need more advice, contact us, at Aiguapres we have 35 years of experience with water pumps.

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