How to choose the right water pump

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When do we need a water pump?

Usually a water pump is needed for agriculture, construction, fishing or other areas, but it is also suitable for domestic use:

  • Drainage and filling of your pool, pond or whirlpo
  • Water drainage for meteorological phenomena such as floods
  • Drainage of shallow floodplains
  • Lawn irrigation
  • etc.

How to choose the right water pump according to our needs?

There are three key points. All water pumps are measured in flow or capacity (GPM or gallons per minute), suction and height.

  • The amount of water pumped by these devices is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or flow rate.
  • Suction: the distance between the water source and the pump. This is important when emptying a cellar or a deep pond.
  • Height: It is the maximum height that the water must overcome to the point of destiny. This provides the energy needed to move the water a distance away from the exit.

What flow rate is required (in gallons per minute)?

It is normally measured in gallons per hour. Therefore, in this case, in order to obtain the gallons per minute, the value must be divided by 60.

The higher you pump water, the lower the gph. Some pump manufacturers give a graph or listing of the maximum gph at different heights. Improper positioning of the pump can result in a lack of flow or unbalanced operation, resulting in premature failure. Remember that the more pressure the pump must deliver, the lower the flow.

Aiguapres offers you the best water pumps on the market, but it is important to know which pump to use in different situations and how to choose both the right style and the right size for your specific application.

There are a multitude of designs and applications but how can we make sure we buy the right pump? The first step is to know all aspects of your application.

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