How a water centrifugal pump works

Bomba de agua centrífuga

A centrifugal pump makes it possible to collect the water and to drain it away from where it is, whether it is in a cellar, garden or well. This type of pump can be very useful, so the questions arise: how does a water pump work exactly, how can you pump water from one place to another with just one device?

In order to answer these questions, we will not only explain the process more closely, but also explain what type of centrifugal pump you need to look for when you need it.

How a centrifugal water pump works

Now that we have discovered that centrifugal pumps are an important component, how do they work? Well, let’s take a look at the internal components to understand this process of water separation.

What is centrifugal force?

If you have ever been on a carousel that spins at high speed, you have undoubtedly felt the effects of centrifugal force. In this case, you feel that you are being pushed to the sides of the carousel because the speed forces objects to orient themselves from the inside out. Therefore, when you swivel a bucket of water in a circle, the water is not spilled. In general, this force is strong and easy to implement, which is why it is so effective with water pumps.

Pump operation

To support water movement, these devices use internal engines (e.g. a propeller in a boat) to move water from one location to another. The faster the impeller rotates, the more water flows through the system and the faster the total flow can be removed. Since the impeller only moves in one direction, the water has only one point of contact, so it will not return to the pipe even if the pump is underwater.

Variants of the centrifugal water pump

Although the process remains the same, you will find several features created for specific purposes. For example, a residual or drainage pump is designed so that thick parts can run through the system along with the water. This is very advantageous when you need to remove water from a flooded area.

Another variant of the pump is the immersion model, i.e. the entire unit is watertight and can therefore be completely immersed in the water. Whenever the centrifugal pump is in a lower position, it is able to remove everything without moving

Some standard pumps are not submersible, so if they fall into the water, they may not function completely anymore.

In general, a centrifugal pump is a great advantage if you live in an area where there are frequent floods. Now that you know how they work, just make sure you choose the model that best suits your needs.

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