What is a pressure group and how does it work?

Grupos de presi贸n

A pressure group is a self-priming pump, which is used to increase the pressure in a hydraulic system of flow distribution to consumption units. That is, the pressure group pump absorbs water from the source and uses it at high pressure for different consumption uses.

We can use pressure groups for different water consumptions, such as:

Water the garden.
Increase pressure in toilets, showers or sinks.
Increase the pressure of the water flow to be able to use several appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers … at the same time.
Increase the flow and pressure with which the tap water comes out in the home.
Essentially, a pressure group serves us to guarantee the necessary water pressure at the desired supply point.

Different types of pressure groups

In general we can distinguish between two main groups of pressure groups, those that have a deposit and those that do not. Both groups have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to know them a little more thoroughly.

Pressure group with tank

In the pressure group with a tank, the water pump, pump water until it fills the pressure tank, which is where the water is subsequently sent to faucets, irrigation hoses or appliances.

The pump stops automatically when the tank is full and turns on when it is empty. This means that it does not always have to be in operation, so it avoids annoying noise and consumes less energy. On the contrary, it occupies more space; since we need to also install a tank.

Pressure group without tank

In the pressure group without a tank, the water pump acts directly on the pipe, so it is necessary that it is in operation at all times. Starting up every time a group is opened, the toilet tank is operated or an appliance is turned on.

This type of pressure groups occupy much less space, so they are ideal for installations where we do not have much space. However, noise and electricity consumption are higher; since it must always be on.

Why use a pressure group
It is advisable to use a pressure group when we observe that the flow of water in our installation is not sufficient for its correct operation. For

example, when the tap water pressure is very weak or our appliances take longer than normal to fill with water.

Depending on the type of problem and the type of installation, it is advisable to use one type or another of a pressure group.

Choose the appropriate pressure group

If you have doubts when choosing the most appropriate pressure group for the needs of your installation, we recommend that you let yourself be advised by a professional.

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